phil2015Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I was drawing, writing and creating.

I’ve also got some interests.

Apps, Lord of the Rings, Atari (And any retro home computing/consoles), Kindle, Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais, Pixel graphics, Walking dead (graphic novel and TV show), Biscuits, strange words, startups, AI and Machine Learning, Cooking, iOS, The weather, travelling, my gf, London, my websites, the Paranormal/Supernatural, books, Game of Thrones, Old Photos, The world cup and Euros (when they are on), Making money, losing money, Marvel, DC, Neil Gaiman, Films (pretty much any films, but mostly supernatural, fantasy sci-fi), tennis, Call of Duty, Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Biology, Philosophy, Sociology, Steampunk!, Writing, Quantum computing, Dinosaurs, TED talks, Any supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi TV show, or any cool TV show (Man in the High castle, The Affair, Frequency, The Exorcist), Sketching, Ebay.