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There are a lot of TV shows to get into these days. Some are great, and some you feel lucky to have watched them, Penny Dreadful is one such show. I was late coming to the show, only starting to watch season 1 after it had been out for some time and I had got the impression from around the interweb that people generally loved it. Once I started watching I could see why.

First it looked amazing. You might say that’s not difficult to do with the setting and subject matter but I’m equally aware that a serious period drama about monsters must cost a fortune to pull off and to make it look “real”. But boy did they pull it off. Numerous times I marveled at the cinematography feeling I was watching a feature film rather than a TV show. But it wasn’t just the spectacle that was impressive it was the artistic nature of how it was filmed, which gave it a richness that the subject matter deserved.

2nd, the plot. When you’re dealing with such well known literary characters it would of been very easy to make the show into a parody of those characters. Especially once famous fictional worlds started to clash into each other. But they always avoided that with clever plotting, and the show always moved along at a pace, even when there were just some people sitting and talking.

Lastly, the characters. When you have actors such as Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Rory Kinnear and many fine others you’ll going to get some special. Each character was played with such weight that every scene pulled you into the story and their own personal journeys. Some of my favourite moments were when the actors quoted from literature especially the scenes between Miss Ives and John Clare.

I often feel that the best TV shows feel like reading a novel, because they pull you into the world and characters so completely.

And now it’s over. I was only surprised for a small amount of time when realising season 3, episode 9 was the last ever, because I suspect a show such as that was a huge undertaking and we were lucky we got as much as we did of it.

It will be missed.

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