First break, in…


So I actually left the attic and went to the south coast of the UK for a break. I stayed in my GF’s families holiday home which was a hop skip and jump from the beach, and it was great. The evening of the first day we got there I tumbled down to the waterfront and felt an odd sense of freedom. I guess it’s been so long (almost a decade) since I’ve been that close to the sea that I had forgotten the feeling of the wind on my face and big sky above me. It’s easy to forget.

The image used in this post I took on the beach that same evening, and goes someway to visualising how I felt. It’s so easy to get lost in your work, this is true whether it’s going well or bad. It pulls you into the void, which then becomes your world and all else get’s left behind, including staying healthy. One of the things which attracted me to fiction writing was the similar lifestyle to an indie game developer. But taking time out from work makes you realise just how shut away you really are when working on your own. The upside is that I came back really wanting to make best use of my time in this attic. That it has to be a means to an ends, and perhaps I needed reminding of that.

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