Arrow Season 2


(VIDEO AND POST CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!, watch season 2 first!)

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Wow what can I say about season 2 of arrow. I thought season 1 was good, but season 2 took things to a whole different level. Every episode had you on the edge of your seat both with the action and the plot. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a better TV portrayal of a superhero and I can’t think of one, and I would also say it’s up there with any portrayal of a superhero over a sustained period of time.

Slade Wilson was a great antagonist, what was interesting was that right from the get go you had a supervillain that the hero couldn’t defeat, Slade was stronger and more skilled, so that gave the whole season a feeling of the Arrow being the under-dog and made for great drama, basically it was just a question of how bad it was going to get for Oliver before it got better, and it get’s pretty bad.

Interwoven with the main story arc was other great cameos from the Suicide Squad, and assassins from┬ára’s al ghul and of course Black Canary.

Episode 20 was maybe my favourite of the entire season with a real major plot/character development at the end of it. There were also a number of clever twists in this season which I just did not see coming (which is unusual because I always see them coming, in any show) which continually made things feel fresh.

This is one of the best action shows on TV there’s no doubt about that.




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