Some of my favourite current TV shows Part 2


Continuing with some of my favourite shows. First up is…

Sons of Anarchy

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Proving (as if it needed to be said) that you don’t need vampires, werewolves or witches to make a great show, you just need Ron Perlman! There’s a great ensemble of actors and actresses with him which really pull you into that world, and the plots have you constantly wondering if any of them are going to make it to the end of a season. The main character Jax (Brilliantly played by Charlie Hunnam) is the perfect good guy always teetering on the edge of turning bad, and it’s that inner conflict which keeps the show fresh.

About to start season 6.


House of Cards

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As with Ron Perlman, Kevin Spacey is another actor you know is going to be in something of quality, and so it is with House of Cards. You would like to think that the talking to the audience wouldn’t work in a political drama of this type, but it not only works but gives the show some of it’s best moments, allowing us to be on inside, to recognise the in-jokes and to see the future for Franks numerous targets. This is about as good as it gets for political intrigue and even though there are times when it seems not much is actually happening, something always is.

Looking forward to season 3.


The Walking Dead

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Let’s say straight away this is not the graphic novel (which I’m fan of), but it’s the next best thing. The first 2 episodes of season 1 are masterpieces. That moment when Rick comes home and just lays down in the middle of his front room and just cries was about as close you’re ever going to get to what it would be like for a normal person in that situation, i.e completely overwhelmed by grief not just for the loss of those you care about but for the loss of everyone and everything, the shock of it’s all come to end. As the graphic novel so brilliantly pointed out Rick and the gang are the “Walking dead” in the sense that they have no lives anymore. Whatever caused the dead to rise also changed the humans that survived into animals, and the show is completely about the question “If you had a choice to survive as an animal or die with your humanity what would you choose?”. So far Rick and his son have somehow managed to survive, but many of those who followed him have not and that of course is what makes this show unique (ok apart from GoT) in the sense that even fairly major characters can meet an untimely death at any moment, which heightens the tension to the max. You never know who’s next. Great show.

Looking forward to season 4.


American Horror Story

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I love Buffy/Angel, Supernatural etc. They some of my favourite shows of all time, but they are not true horror, not the kind you see in certain feature films. Now I have to be honest I’m not a gore/horror fan, but I’m a huge American Horror Story fan, simply because it really does go for it. It’s a show which is not afraid to make you afraid, to throw you off guard and to make you feel completely at the mercy of whatever messed up storyline you are compelled to watch. My favourite season so far was The Asylum, it had all kinds of crazy shit going on all at once and then some brilliant “light” moments as well. Jessica Lange is amazing in all of them, and with her and all of the actors you really feel you are seeing different people each season. I’m intrigued to say the least what the setting of the new one will be.

Looking forward to season 4.



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