Some of my favourite current TV shows Part 1


As this is a new blog, I’m going to put down some of my favourite TV shows I’m currently watching. This will be an on-going series, as I do tend to have opinions about what I watch, oh and there might be spoilers! so make sure you have seen whatever it is I’m talking about before reading what I say! Right then let’s begin with…

Game of Thrones

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No need to say much about it at this stage because we all know how great it is. All I will say is Winter is taking a bloody long time to arrive.

I’m all ready to start season 5.

Falling Skies

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The world is always being invaded by aliens of one type of another, but this show really puts you in amongst it, and that’s part of the reason why it works so well. The other reason of course are Noah Wyle (thinking mans hero),¬†Colin Cunningham (the un-thinking mans hero) and Will Patton (the troubled mans hero). The special effects have pretty much been solid from the start and it’s usually stock full of action sequences and fight scenes to keep you on your edge of your seat. Mostly I like it though because it tries to be honest (as much as you can be about this possibility) about what would happen if an advanced angry race came knocking i.e we would all be wiped out in hours and there wouldn’t be much left to pick up the pieces, but pick up the pieces is what the survivors would have to do and that’s what Falling Skies is about.

I’m all ready to watch Season 4 episode 3.


(season 3 preview)

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After enjoying¬†Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen in Smallville I came into Arrow a bit unsure of what I was going to think of it, but I had heard good things about it so thought I would give it a go, and I’m very glad I did. Arrow is basically Smallville 2.0. Never being a fan of Green Arrow the comic was another reason for me not to get into this, but I have to give it to them, the whole flashback island sequences and the “Hoods” realtime running around fit together great. It’s a fun, thrill packed joyride of a show, with some real moments of emotion linking it altogether. Hopefully this show will go on for many years.

Looking forward to season 2, episode 6.


[youtube id=”7m657-K0hyk” maxwidth=”640″]

Who doesn’t like Supernatural? I mean seriously, 2 cool dudes driving around in a gorgeous car fighting ghosts, demons and god knows what else, sprinkled with equally cool (and gorgeous) women? HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THAT? I came into Supernatural on the back of finishing watching Buffy and Angel, and the idea of 2 guys and their dad fighting things that go bump in the dark didn’t exactly thrill me but damn was I wrong. The dynamic between the brothers (and evidently the actors themselves) is what has made this show endure and go from strength to strength over the years. Throw in some great characters (Death is one of my faves, but obviously bobby, Crowley, Castiel and on and on) and the sheer unforgiving nature of the brothers plight and you have some great drama. Who knows how long it’s going to go on for, but it’s one of the main shows I really look forward to picking up again after it’s time off.

Looking forward to watching Season 9.





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